Floating Cars: Company Transforms Legendary Volkswagen Minibus Into Luxurious And Original Boat.

Many people feel the desire to leave their daily routine of work, commitments, homework, and monotony to go into the unknown. Getting into a vehicle, getting behind the wheel, and traveling to distant lands is an exciting prospect, although it is often difficult to put into practice. A company has decided to base its activity on the desire of many people to go on an adventure, but with one particularity: the journey is made on the water in motorized vehicles. Let’s see how.


image credit: floatingmotors/Instagram

Behind this project, called ” Floating Motors “, hides the Italian architect and designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini. The man, known for his very original superyatches, decided to reinterpret motor vehicles and make them a floating vehicle. Thus, the most classic vehicles that we are used to seeing on the road become very original boats . These are not old modified motor vehicles, but real clones made of fiberglass or carbon fiber , with a floating hull and motor.

The model that immediately caught the public’s attention was the one made from the Volkswagen minibus: “We strictly adhere to the proportions and dimensions of the original Volkswagen model, applying the most modern nautical techniques to the hull and offering quality. exceptional in terms of construction materials and applied technology, for maximum durability in harsh conditions. Our products are luxury motorboats, “explains the company.


image credit: floatingmotors/Instagram

Floating Motors is a project that is still in its early stages and the floating vehicles that can be seen on the company’s website or social media pages are still prototypes. Lazzarini has indeed launched a crowdfunding campaign with the aim of raising the necessary funds to produce the molds and prototypes of the other models, which she hopes to be able to bring to the market within two years . The only model that can be found on the market, for pre-order, is La Dolce, which is priced at $ 35,000 . Each model is designed to offer its guests all the necessary comfort: the houseboat and the Volkswagen minibus can accommodate up to five people. 

source used: floatingmotors

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