Have A Coffee Surrounded By Rats, This Bar Lets Dozens Of Rodents Roam Free Between The Tables

In a world where we all have all kinds of content constantly at our fingertips, from the classic to the extravagant, we often think we have seen and explored it all. In fact, every day we realize that this is not the case at all and that weird idea like the one we are about to tell you about never ends.

How about walking into a cafe for a quiet drink or meal and suddenly finding yourself literally surrounded by … rats? If just imagining such a thing scares you, know that that’s not the reaction many other people have. In any case, certainly not the reaction of those who frequented the Black Rat Cafe in San Francisco!


image credit: Mercury News/Youtube

We have seen a lot of animal-themed bars over the years. In various parts of the world, in fact, there are places where you can spend a few hours face to face with adorable kitties or funny and playful dogs, but it is certain that a concept like the one that comes from the metropolis Californian is rather unusual.

For $ 50, and to introduce brave adventurers to a bit of the city’s history, the San Francisco Dungeon hosted two theme nights where you could go downstairs, sit at a table and enjoy food and drink with dozens of rats ready to run here and there.


image credit: San Francisco Dungeon

The historical reconstruction in question is that of the terrible epidemic of bubonic plague that struck San Francisco in the early years of the twentieth century. To make everything as realistic as possible, what better idea than to call on rodents, not always synonymous with cleanliness and hygiene?

There was, however, no risk to the health of the clients : the rats that were the protagonists of the evenings at the San Francisco Dungeon came from Rattie Ratz, a Californian company that takes care of their care and their accommodation, a kind of ” refuge “for rodents.


image credit: San Francisco Dungeon – Huffpost

A dungeon, a hot drink, food and … lots of mice. Put like that, it may sound like the perfect description of a movie set in the rather distant past, in reality the experiment was also aimed at the adoption of small animals. However, we challenge anyone not to feel even a little uneasy about such a situation … What do you think? Would you go to a place like this?






via: timeout.com

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