Woman Immortalizes Unexpected Close Encounter With Majestic Lynx.

The most incredible encounters are the unexpected ones. You think you are living a day like any other when an event suddenly upsets and makes it unforgettable. A woman was walking around and had an encounter that she will surely remember for a long time. It happened to Allison Burton, a woman from Kamloops, Canada. The woman was standing outside her house on Schubert Drive before noon when she suddenly saw a magnificent and majestic lynx.


image credit: kamloopsbcnow

Allison lives in a rural part of the country, uncrowded and populated with particularly rare animals, but she never expected to come across such a beautiful animal. The woman was lucky enough to be able to take pictures. Lynxes are easily distinguished from other felines of the same subfamily by their triangular ears ending in tufts of hair, long legs, and short tails. Their fur is particularly thick, which allows them to live even in places with very cold temperatures. The hind limbs of the lynx are very developed, which is why it moves with a graceful and undulating gait. the legs of these animals are voluminous, which allows them to move very quietly and to do so without difficulty even in the case of a snowpack. What, more than anything else, struck the woman was the elegant appearance of the animal.


image credit: kamloopsbcnow

Initially, observing this creature from a distance, Allison thought it was a dog. But the characteristics of the animal allowed the woman to identify it quickly. It almost seems that the lynx has struck a pose the woman managed to take several photos a few tens of meters away from it, while the animal walked quietly and gracefully along the road. The lynx is a wild animal, and it is very rare in Canada to meet it so closely. Allison described herself as excited and amazed to see the magnificent creature walking a few steps away from her. Moments after allowing Allison to take pictures, the lynx disappeared. Despite the transience of the meeting, Allison will long remember this special moment.

source used: kamloopsbcnow

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