Photographer Manages To Take One Of The Clearest Photos Of The Moon, Combining The Different Phases Into One Photo

Today’s technology has reached such a level that it reproduces images and scenes that even a few years ago would have been simply unthinkable. We realize this when we are confronted, for example, with pictures so sensational that they make us know in a different light all the new details and elements that we were previously unaware of.

Think about space photography: the telescopes, techniques, and instruments available to us today have reached such high levels of precision that they offer us sensational images, to say the least. Like those created by photographer Andrew McCarthy, who combined the power of his instruments with his great ingenuity and patience. The result? Some of the most detailed images of lunar craters ever seen, put together in a truly unique way.


image credit: cosmic_background/Instagram

For two weeks, the man collected thousands of images of the crescent moon. Over the days, more and more parts of our satellite continued to be visible until they became full. By putting all the pictures together, mapping them, and aligning them, he got the result that he showed to the world.

The lunar surface is shown with incredible clarity, as are its countless craters. A precision which was possible thanks to the skillful work of association of the images, to which Andrew rendered clarity and contrast by acting on the line where light meets darkness (the “terminator”). Normally, the lunar craters visible from Earth are far fewer in number than those shown in McCarthy’s images, and that’s what makes them amazing.


A job which, by the photographer’s own admission, was ” exhausting ” but which, for sure, gave a fascinating result. Plus, discovering new aspects of space and the heavenly bodies around us is something that has always attracted curiosity and attention. In this, the Moon, with its bright and dark sides, plays a particularly special role.


image credit: cosmic_background/Instagram

source used: cosmic_background/Instagram

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