This Woman Decided To Clean Up Mount Everest In 3 Years, She Collected 8.5 Tons Of Garbage

Will you think you will find trash … on Mount Everest? Well yes, even on the highest mountain in the world, in the heart of what should be one of the wildest and least contaminated areas on the planet, the man manages to leave traces of his presence.

In recent years, we have learned that the impact of our activities and the neglect of many people are now having increasingly devastating effects on the health of the planet. We realize this every time we receive scary news about pollution, waste, climate change, and the increasingly extreme phenomena that tell us about an environment that is at the very least suffering. This is why the initiatives of many people of goodwill set themselves fundamental and ambitious goals and, fortunately, they often obtain – as in the case of the woman of whom we are going to speak to you – encouraging results.


image credit: Yves Rocher Foundation / Youtube

Marion Chaygneaud-Dupuy is a rather particular mountaineer. In addition to mountaineering, she devotes herself with a passion to ecological projects, and it is precisely in one of these projects that she decided to clean up Mount Everest from the huge amounts of waste left by those who venture there.


image credit: Yves Rocher Foundation / Youtube

Thanks to the ” Clean Everest ” initiative, Marion and her team managed to rid the magnificent mountain of 8.5 tons of waste.


image credit: Yves Rocher Foundation / Youtube

An enormous quantity, collected thanks to a very hard work at high altitude which lasted 3 years, and which led this 39-year-old mountaineer to receive the “Terre de Femmes” prize which was awarded to her in 2019 by the Yves Rocher Foundation.


image credit: Yves Rocher Foundation / Youtube

Sadly, despite the huge effort, Everest’s trash has yet to be completely disposed of, which really makes one think about how serious the environmental situation is, even in remote and wild areas like these.


image credit: Yves Rocher Foundation / Youtube

Marion’s work was so well received that local authorities donated yaks to her and her assistants to facilitate their loading and movement during cleanup operations.


image credit: Yves Rocher Foundation / Youtube

This ambitious mountaineer-ecologist does not seem to want to stop there: her goal is now to travel the entire Himalayan mountain range, in order to be cleaned as the highest mountain in the world.


image credit: Yves Rocher Foundation / Youtube

“When I got to the top I realized that the mountain had been degraded by decades of expeditions. I was really shocked,” said Marion, commenting on her feat. To feel part of nature and to learn to care for and respect it should be principles dear to everyone.


image credit: Yves Rocher Foundation / Youtube

We can and should all do our part, and in the meantime, it’s good to know that there are more and more volunteers like this mountaineer who know how to make the world a better place.

source used: Yves Rocher Foundation / Youtube

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