19 Christmas Trees That Should Receive A Creativity Award

Some people take advantage of Christmas to unleash all the creativity, designed and organized for an entire year. this is how Christmas trees become much more than a traditional symbol of this holiday. Real works of genius that deserve to be exhibited in a museum rather than within the four walls of the house. The good thing is that when creativity reaches its highest level, you don’t even need a “tree” to make a Christmas tree anymore. Take a look at the photos in this gallery to understand what we are talking about.

#1. Could a chemistry lab Christmas tree be any different?

image credit: EarthwormEd

#2. A Christmas tree in a library.

image credit: Botatitsbest

#3. When the passion for science fiction also contaminates Christmas.

image credit: GOstrovskiy

#4. A Christmas tree made of succulents: magnificent!

image credit: crazysucculentlady

#5. The 2018 Christmas tree commemorated one of the most controversial events – the destruction of Bansky’s artwork at its auction!

image credit: strangeloop527

#6. Even the army does not give up celebrating Christmas at the camp.

image credit: jerm1820

#7. Christmas in carpentry style.

#8. The invisible tree.

image credit: kristina.len

#9. The city sheriff made the tree out of the materials he had.

image credit: catlvr34249

#10. In a tech company … Christmas decorations weren’t found (ah, that infamous and heinous 404 error!)

#11. Cats keep attacking the tree? You can always replace the tree with their house.

image credit: schatz.katz/Instagram

#12. Where the fir is not really widespread …. The native species decorate themselves all the same!

image credit: life_coach_melisa/Instagram

#13. The magic of Christmas in a dance school.

image credit: eliina_e eliina_e / Instagram

#14. Definitely the smallest luminous Christmas tree in the world.

image credit: SwirlStick/Reddit

#15. A few lights and a few decorations are all it takes for the magic of Christmas to happen.

#16. At the hospital, we manage as best we can.

image credit: imgur

#17. A sloth’s Christmas tree.

#18. The creativity of climbers!

image credit: sweet_mary_jane/Reddit

#18. Christmas in recycling mode: this tree is made from used plastic bottles.

image credit: sustainablemindz/Instagram

#19. Even bacteria feast.

image credit: LadyMario/Reddit

Did you also make a weird Christmas tree? Show us in the comments!

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