21 Animals That Can Cheer Up Your Day Better Than Any Comedian

When we discover our pets doing something funny it becomes even more fun for the simple fact that they are the ones doing it, even sometimes without realizing it.

We’ve collected these 21 images that are sure to brighten your day, more than any comedian.

#21. Motivation for Monday, please?

#20. I’m just a little cold.

#19. What do you think of my new accessory?

#18. Stop! I can’t laugh anymore

#17. It is impossible to take a serious photo of my dog.

#16. Tell me to my face …

#15. I can do that too …

#14. Did someone say food?

#13. Look what I found daddy.

#12. When you don’t know if your friend smelled your gas.

#11. Look at my smile.

#10. Look at my son, we are a lot alike.

#09. A burrito of love and tenderness.

#08. Am I a unicorn?

#07. When he promises you that it will be the last selfie.

#06. This panda was told a good joke.

#05. HELLO

#04. Quick! finish singing.

#03. What’s behind door number 1?

#02. This little bear is the happiest.

#01. When you say “I fell down laughing” and you mean it.

Can you imagine being able to witness these moments? Comment which was your favorite and share this article with your friends.

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