17 Cats Who Have No Idea What Human Privacy Means

Our cats are often a real concentrate of gentleness and situations bordering on the absurd. We know this very well, and we realize it every time we catch them in the strangest poses and attitudes. cats follow their own logic and, if they decide to do something, we are sure that they will go all the way.

But among all their quirks, there is one that they seem to really “specialize” in: invading the space of others , and in particular that of their human friends. There is no way to change their mind, because privacy, to them, is an unknown concept to say the least . The photos we are going to show you illustrate the concept well. These kind, intrusive cats don’t leave their humans alone, even for a moment, and they perform the most bizarre of performances. But don’t we love them for that too?

#1. At least when I’m around I wish I had some privacy, but I don’t.

#2. I heard my husband scream, I ran to the bathroom and saw this.

#3. Keyboard problem solved, all you have to do is make them go …

#4. Rather scary, don’t you think?

#5. We are never completely alone: ​​check this out

#6. She can’t take her eyes off me, not for a moment …

#7. Our cat bites my father every time he gives my mother more attention …

#8. It happens every morning going down the stairs: sooner or later it will end very badly …

#9. Who says showering is private?

#10. Defining this as “overprotective” isn’t much: every time my wife gives our son a bath, he does this.

#11. Behind that door is me in the bathroom.

#12. They can’t resist the call of a good bath!

#13. Hey human, what would you like to do here in the bathroom? You have entered the wrong time.

#14. He’s been with me for 12 years, and he’s still worried, so when I shower …

#15. Between me and the mirror: it is intrusive but also very photogenic!

#16. He wants to “save” me every time I wash myself. Cute but also a bit overbearing …

#17. Hey I’m here, please stop working!

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