15 Cats Who Don’t Need DNA Testing To Prove They Are Parents And Children

Did you know? A cat can be pregnant by different males, so kittens from the same litter can have multiple sires. That’s why you can never know what kittens will look like, and you can also expect big surprises – like black kittens from a white cat and vice versa!

In a home environment, however, it is much more likely that the pups are all from the same father unless the cat has free access to outdoor environments. Sometimes the resemblance is so obvious that there is no longer any room for doubt. Here is a series of kittens that are identical to their parents.

#1. Same colors, same expression.

#2. Father and son: if the color of the hair was not the same, it is their affection that eliminates any doubt about the degree of kinship.

image credit: Cronchy_Tacos/Reddit

#3. Have you noticed ? Same thicker black band under the neck, then darker lines of less thickness.

image credit: vamos113/Reddit

#4. Mom and puppy have the same slender muzzle.

image credit: Aloha0e/reddit

#5. The white “beard” is passed down from generation to generation.

image credit: vinkulelu / Reddit

#6. This newborn kitten has the same spot on her nose as her mom.

image credit: Louis83/Reddit

#7. What are these two like? In terms of sweetness, without a doubt.

image credit: Amadinka/Reddit

#8. The distribution of peas on the back of the little one is very similar to that of the mother.

image credit: imgur

#9. It is difficult to say that they are not mother and son: the elegance is the same!

image credit: MeanSalamander/Reddit

#10. A small white dot on the nose to show the mother-son bond.

image credit: imgur

#11. The kitten has yet to work on her pouting expression, but she is well on her way to looking like mom

image credit: imgur

#12. The mom and the little ones all have a colored ear compared to the rest of the body.

image credit: IAMA_dragon-AMA/Reddit

#13. Virtually indistinguishable: how do their masters recognize them?

image credit: Armed_Stoner/Reddit

#14. This kitten has a lot to learn from his father with his gruff appearance!

image credit: Amadinka/Reddit

#15. Dad teaches his little one how to look innocent after doing something stupid.

image credit: IAnachronism/Reddit

These cats certainly don’t need DNA testing: the resemblance speaks for itself!

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