19 Photos Of Cats Who Absolutely Do Not Care About Their Owners’ Personal Space

Cats are independent animals they like to have their own personal space and not to be disturbed. However, regarding the personal space of their masters, this concept does not exist: when they want to get attention, no matter what you do, nothing will be more important than them. Whether you brush your teeth, take a bath or shower, read, watch TV, work, study, or play video games, you should immediately stop everything and devote yourself entirely to them.

When you decide to welcome a cat into your life, you should be aware that your privacy will not be what it used to be . We have selected 19 photos that show us how cats do not respect their owners’ space.

#1. Look, I’m here!

image credit: xblade724/reddit

How to work when a kitten is looking for hugs above the desk?

#2. He also wants to be useful.

image credit: imgur

#3. How funny is this toothbrush!

image credit: inkspecialist/imgur

#4. An egocentric cat.

image credit: bergalicious_95/reddit

We bet that the mirror was used by the mistress, but a feline decided to take the opportunity to admire the beauty reflected in it.

#5. You cannot take a shower in peace.

image credit: NYChomie/reddit

#6. Was anyone reading?

image credit: imgur

#7.He wants hugs, period.

image credit: Zuko/reddit

#8. Is it possible to drive in peace?

image credit: imgur

#9. Hello human, I wanted to surprise you.

image credit: lern41/reddit

#10. All he has to do is study.

image credit: imgur

He decided to interrupt the activities of the master: given the position he occupies, one can guess his intentions.

#11. He also wants to make his contribution.

image credit: imgur

#12. Who dared to close the door?

image credit: fmachado/reddit

#13. Does he also want to take a bath? He looks angry.

image credit: mollyaclarke/reddit

#14. You can’t even bathe the baby in peace.

image credit: imgur

Who is the little one in the house? The cat feels neglected.

#15. He rides on his shoulders because he likes to be like that.

image credit: nyliecyrus/reddit

#16. You never close the door to a cat.

image credit: imgur

He will always find a way to see what you’re doing.

#17. He too demands attention.

image credit: orionx97/reddit

#18. What does he want to do with these legs?

image credit: a92magic/reddit

#19. He just wanted to play a little.

image credit: IM1RU1too/reddit

Cats change the habits of their owners. It is true that they are independent animals, but they are also extremely curious and affectionate. Give up privacy for a cat? It’s worth it. And you, does your cat respect your spaces?

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