18 Cats Proud To Completely Dominate The Lives Of Their Owners

This photo gallery is dedicated to those who still do not believe in the domination of cats over humans. Without exaggerating, even if you are not a big fan of cats, having them in the house will cause you to change a large part of your life to make it “suitable” for them. Don’t be surprised to hear people who can no longer sleep at night and get up in the dark to feed their cat, or who decide to remove the curtains in their house so that the cat does not mistake them for things. lianas: these things happen when there is a cat at home!

#1. This cat kept pushing its paw through the slot in the refrigerator door, forcing its owners to write a note.

image credit: makinmuffins/Reddit

#2. Five beds, ten chairs and my cat decides to sit on the eggs.

image credit: chaosgirl93/Reddit

#3. Although the teacher gave him a personal space in the library … The cat still prefers to hide in the other boxes.

image credit: drughi1312/reddit

#4. My father tries to eat his dinner in peace.

image credit: yerbabuddy/Reddit

#5. The master has fixed a shelf for him so that he can comfortably look out the window, but the cat is still not using it.

image credit: /kerrylorraine/reddit

#6. The reason for this revenge? Eating it did not arrive on time.

image credit: Stinky_Cat_Toes/reddit

#7. No need to add anything: after adapting the house to the requirements of cats, here is the reward!

image credit: _expletive_deleted_/Reddit

#8. “This is the second plant that Toby mischievously destroyed”

image credit: first / reddit

#9. This cat chose to sit on the only person with allergies to cats in the room.

image credit: The_Forest_Corgi/Reddit

#10. “My cat bites my dad whenever he pays attention to my mom and not him.”

image credit: EUOS_the_cat/Reddit

#11. Tired of finding the flowers on the floor, this person had to be cunning.

image credit: JViel90/Reddit

#12. No, even statues cannot read in peace because of a cat.

image credit: TotemRiolu/reddit

#13. The face of the cat who managed to steal the husband of his mistress.

image credit: keopidor/Reddit

#14. “That’s why we can’t have anything nice at home”

image credit: Funkofairy/reddit

#15. Tired of not being able to work because of the cats that kept walking on the keyboard … He finally found a solution.

image credit: aigle321/Reddit

#16. This is the cat’s response to the reprimand he received for stepping on the kitchen counter.

image credit: wingman2111/Reddit

#17. After you finish the printer cartridges for the posters … Look who’s started meowing on the doorstep.

image credit: bree613/Reddit

Cats become the real bosses of the house … It’s inevitable! 

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