Cats Lying On Glass Tables, 09 Times The Masters Could Not Resist The Temptation To Photograph Them

When talking about cats, one usually thinks of an agile and cunning animal in mind, which will hardly bend to the will of a human. Cats are slender and lively creatures, curious, a little wary, and always able to fall “on their feet”. In short, creatures that never let anything go. If this description corresponds little or nothing to the portrait of your pet cat – fat and totally lacking in agility and coordination – then you will find this photo gallery of cats relaxing on glass surfaces even more fun. The hilarious aspect of these photos lies in a clever use of perspective the cats, taken from below, show themselves in all their awkwardness and ridicule.

#1. Whatever you have to do today, my dear human … I will be there and I will be there to watch you!

image credit: rexiecat

#2. “My mom says she woke up this morning and looking up she saw this. The cat fell asleep on the roof window.”

image credit: Netblast

#3. This kitty looks like a curious combination of a yoga teacher and a clumsy contortionist … He really went out of his way to make us smile!

image credit: rexiecat

#4. This exhausted-looking cat seems to be thinking, “It’s been a hard day … I think I’m going to crash into this table for a while.”

image credit: chiyo.mame

#5. In this case, the cat being slightly fleshy, the picture is even funnier: watch how he holds his front paws!

image credit: chiyo.mame

#6. He looks like a child in front of a pastry shop: “Everyone eats delicious things and I don’t have a penny to buy anything! What an injustice!”

image credit: Reddit

#7. Lying in a glass bowl, this kitten has totally taken its shape. On closer inspection … are we sure there is a cat in there?

image credit: boopyouonthenose

#8. Not one, but two large cats which seem to have taken on liquid form and have been “poured” into a glass container … Only the head seems to have retained its solid form!

image credit: ladylolathecat

#9. This beautiful red cat seems to have tentacles: the combination of the characteristics of the muzzle and the legs gives it the appearance of a drawing

image credit: narwhal-lord14

Cats are cats with incredible physical properties … They jump to dizzying heights, they always land on their feet and, looking at these pictures, they seem to be able to take any shape!

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