Cats Defying The Laws Of Physics: 13 Funny Photos Of Cats Taken In The Most Absurd Poses.

There are two types of people in the world: those who choose to adopt a dog and those who prefer cats. The latter are probably convinced that they are the masters of the universe, to the point of responding to totally arbitrary physical laws. In addition to having a decidedly melodramatic character, cats are known to be skilled climbers: they climb walls, sofas, shelves, television … even on your face! In short, they are unstoppable. Many Internet users have decided to attend all the weirdest moments when they found their feline climbing somewhere, in absurd positions and on the verge of reality. One only needs to look at these photos to wonder how cats are constantly defying the laws of physics.

#1. How does he do this ?!

image credit: Imgur / iikagenniotonashikukirareyagare

#2. “This is my gravity-defying cat …”

image credit: Reddit / joshmccrillis

#3. For him, this is a completely normal thing, which does not require any effort …

image credit: Reddit / flexes_weird

#4. “Does he fly?”

image credit: Reddit / bigfatgato

#5. When sleep calls, no law of physics can prevent a cat from taking a nap anywhere!

image credit: Reddit / Smithsonian30

#6. “Schr√∂dinger’s cat”

image credit: Twitter / karenvonstrauss

#7. “I thought I saw a cat …”

image credit: Imgur

#8. Looks like he’s begging someone to help him. “I slide, I slide, I slide … help me!”

image credit: Reddit / griter34

#9. “I guess he’s making his way onto my couch …”

image credit: Reddit / Stranger107

#10. “My cat can turn his condition into something liquid …”

image credit: Twitter / Yuka Kobayashi

#11. “But it doesn’t work like that!”

image credit: Reddit / ElJefe543

#12. “My cat does not take into account gravity or what I impose as a rule …”

image credit: Reddit / NeesonIsHere

#13. “Oh, my God, my cat has laid down!”

image credit: Reddit

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