The Cat Wakes Him Up Every Night By Meowing, The Master Takes Revenge. The Video Is Hilarious

Living with one or more cats at home is not always a walk in the park, but on the other hand, it wouldn’t be cats if they didn’t behave like cats. There are times when certain limits are exceeded, however, and this is when some people, like the man we are about to introduce to you, decide to take countermeasures. How? ‘Or’ What? By returning the favor to the cat. The man is woken up every day at 4 am by Italics, his stubborn cat. So, at the appropriate time, he tried to show the animal what it means to be awake while sleeping.


image credit: Nick T/Youtube

American writer Nicholas Tecosky loves his cat very much. He and his cat are simply inseparable, even if it has a bad habit: he wakes his master 4am. And nothing will be able to stop him, at this fateful moment, he will start to meow, with the specific aim of making himself heard by his human, condemned to days and days of interrupted sleep.

What to do then? jokingly, in a video that has been watched by millions of internet users around the world, Nicholas saw fit to plan his personal little “revenge” on the chat. At 4 p.m., while his mustached friend was in the middle of a nap, the boy silently approached him and woke him up with a loud meow. Impossible not to smile while watching the video: the cat’s expression is hilarious. Incredulous and awake, he seems to want to tell his master: “what’s going on?”


image credit: Nick T/Youtube

The answer comes soon after from Nicolas: “You were sleeping? You mustn’t meow in the middle of the night”, with a somewhat evil expression. The cat continues to stare at him, probably aware of what has happened. Who knows if, after this act of vendetta, he stopped waking his master or if he decided to go up.

Watch the video:

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