A Cat Sneaks Into A Zoo And Becomes A Eurasian Lynx’s Best Friend

No difference can destroy a friendship, even if that special bond is forged by two seemingly different animals: would you believe it if we told you that in the St.Petersburg Zoo, everything that is more normal has become a cat? friend of a boreal lynx? The Russian tomcat was just looking for food when he snuck into the zoo years ago and that’s where he met the lynx. Now they are inseparable.

At first, the employees of the St. Petersburg Zoo were amused and astonished by this unlikely friendship between the two.


image credit: Ignoramusky/YouTube

The cat thought this generous lynx was like a second mother, so the two felines became inseparable friends.


image credit: Ignoramusky/YouTube

Today the Russian cat is officially adopted by the St. Petersburg Zoo and lives permanently with the lynx.


image credit: Ignoramusky/YouTube

Such friendship had never been seen before at this zoo, and now all visitors admire the birth of this deep bond …


image credit: Ignoramusky/YouTube

And who would have thought that an ordinary cat and a protected lynx could become truly inseparable?

source of used: Love Meow

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