Domestic Cat Sacrifices Life To Protect Two Children From Deadly Snake Bite

Heroes don’t always wear a mask or cape, they don’t always climb buildings or run at incredible speed to save people. There are little heroes, who often go unnoticed, but who can be called that because they put the safety of others before their own. This is why Arthur, a domestic cat, has been called a ” four-legged hero “ in Queensland, Australia, after fighting with a poisonous snake, he lost his life to save the lives of two young children.


image credit: Animal Emergency Service/Facebook

Arthur was following the two children who were playing quietly in the backyard when a poisonous and dangerous brown snake approached the children. The cat immediately intervened, killing the snake, which however managed to bite Arthur. This is not just any snake: this species has been classified as the second most dangerous in the world it is a very agile and aggressive snake, and a bite from it causes progressive paralysis that prevents the coagulation of the blood and causes the victim to lose consciousness permanently a few minutes after the bite.


image credit: Animal Emergency Service/Facebook

The family did not realize the gravity of the situation. It wasn’t until the next morning, when Arthur passed out and seemed unable to regain consciousness, that he was rushed to the vet. Due to the untimely rescue and the lethality of the bite, specialists could not do anything to save the life of the four-legged hero. Arthur has always been a lively cat on several occasions the family took him to the vet because he was in trouble. The family, devastated by the event, remembers the cat fondly and is grateful that the cat saved the children’s lives: it was a courageous gesture that shows how extremely intelligent animals are, which they know how to smell the danger.

Having a pet means having a loyal friend who is willing, in many cases, to put our welfare ahead of theirs. How could we live without it?

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