“Cat Life” 21 Times Felines Made Us Smile Thanks To Their Unique Behavior

There must be a reason cats provide company to millions of families around the world. Our fluffy, whiskered animals are truly unique in everything they do. Their habits, their quirks, their stubbornness, their way of playing and behaving with us: everything is typically “feline”, and often it is enough to accept them as they are.

After all, isn’t it their determined and unpredictable nature that wins the hearts of those who take them with them? At the cost of seeing them doing the most amazing things, sitting in the most amazing poses or finding them in the most unthinkable places. We love them for that too: quite simply because they are cats! Discover 22 felines who put a smile on their human roommates.

#1. Cats look at us, even when we think we are alone …

image credit: salihordek/reddit

#2. A cat in a T-shirt and pants or an unexpected reflection?

image credit: FutonSpecialOps/reddit

#3. The perfect place for a hug!

image credit: Imgur

#4. He will never understand how to sit down on the couch …

image credit: Imgur

#5. Why sleep in a bunk when you can show off poses like this?

image credit: Imgur

#6. They fell asleep like that, in the middle of a battle …

image credit: reddit

#7. What do you think he means with that expression?

image credit: reddit

#8. If he’s comfortable like that, who are we to judge?

image credit: Cillygaming/reddit

#9. Too much light, I have to hide!

image credit: demstak/reddit

#10. He is always quite choosy when it comes to eating …

image credit: Vinanda_ / reddit

#11. My cat really knows how to keep in shape, doesn’t it?

image credit: reddit

#12. He only saw a simple spider!

image credit: doi3cartofi/reddit

#13. First time on the snow: and it shows!

image credit: dax268/reddit

#14. Maybe he thought there was a companion in there …

image credit: reddit

#15. Everything is fine, there is nothing to watch here.

image credit: reddit

#16. He saw me with a recovering ankle and decided to lift his paws too, mimicking my position.

image credit: daffodil-tears/reddit

#17. I finally found a way to entertain him during my studies!

image credit: leonx81/reddit

#18. When you find them in there and they look at you with these expressions, you can’t help but smile!

image credit: boopyouonthenose/reddit

#19. A cat really empathizing with his human friend: same expression!

image credit: reddit

#20. He loves paper bags: whenever he sees one he can’t resist and does like this

image credit: endangeredcloud/reddit

#21. When I find him in this position, I don’t really know what to think …

image credit: anna_pal/reddit

Have you ever surprised your cat in such attitudes?

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