Don’t Be Fooled At First Glance, This Caravan Expands To Three Times Its Size In Seconds.

If you think that transporting a caravan is a complicated operation and also quite uncomfortable, you should know that this is not always the case. Of course, this is not a very comfortable accommodation like a hotel room, but those who are fans of these small mobile homes for getting around know it well.

A slow and heavy car, difficult journeys the special caravan that we are going to present to you wants to solve these problems and others, with innovative solutions to say the least. The reason is simple it grows very quickly and manages to triple its size, going from a compact trailer to a comfortable house on wheels.


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At first glance, the 3X, produced by the French company BeauEr , looks like a small caravan in the retro style of the 60s, very easy to transport. Simple but never uncomfortable. The modular structure of this vehicle allows those who use it to triple its size when they arrive at their destination, where they want to camp.


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For the benefit of living space , the modules of the BeauEr caravan can be opened easily and quickly in less than a minute. And the fact that it’s so small when closed means the 3X can be easily towed by almost any vehicle .


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Its width varies by 1.8 meters when it is completely closed and can reach more than 6 meters depending on the version. This means that on board you will have a useful space of more than 12 square meters, which can even reach 28, again depending on the models of this revolutionary vehicle.


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Nothing is missing inside: kitchen, dining area, bathroom, sleeping area . Everything fits together and adjusts when the caravan is closed.


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Gas cookers, air conditioning, solar panels, awnings, heating and a wide variety of storage compartments complete the picture of a vehicle that it would be too simplistic to call a “caravan” . In fact, it would convince even the most skeptical to embark on a road adventure while staying indoors.


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Depending on the models and accessories chosen, the prices of this BeauEr caravan vary between around 19,000 and nearly 66,000 euros. What do you think? Do you already see yourself aboard this caravan or is it not for you?

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