He Steals A Car And Realizes There Is A Child Inside He Backs Up And Hands It Back To The Mother, Berating Her

When an American mom from Beaverton, Oregon got out of her car to buy milk and meat at the supermarket, leaving the engine running and her 4-year-old son in the back seat, she certainly committed an error that could have cost him dearly.

Although she was only absent for a few minutes and was only a few meters away, the open car and the key inserted were two perfect elements for the thief who, not far from there, observed the scene and took the opportunity to get in the car and leave. Too bad the child was still in the back seat. At first, the thief did not notice: when he saw that the young passenger was in the car, he made an incredible gesture, to say the least.


According to local law enforcement officials, after driving the stolen car a few meters, the man turned around in a parking lot, returned to return the child to his mother . He took the opportunity to give the woman a good rebuke, a real sermon in which he severely criticized her for leaving her son in the open car with the engine running.


The reprimand was so fierce that the man even threatened to call the police , perhaps forgetting for a moment that it was he who was going to commit the robbery. After this “lesson” of pedagogy, the thief got back into his car and left.


The police are obviously looking for the man, whom we could define as a thug with “principles” . Fortunately, he had the good heart to bring the little boy back to his mother, who will certainly be more careful in the future in seemingly harmless situations like the one she experienced.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/

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