Futuristic Capsules Installed In A German City To Give Shelter To The Homeless

A warm bed is the most satisfying thing anyone could wish for, but hiding under the sheets – especially when it’s cold outside – is a chance not everyone has. This is why, in the city of Ulm, Germany, capsules called ” Ulmer Nest ” have been installed to provide shelter to homeless people during the colder months. The project is the brainchild of two young Ulm-based companies, Bootschaft and Resistance and Sons, and IT specialist Florian Geiselhart.


image credit: Ulmer Nest/Facebook

These futuristic-looking units, made of wood and steel, were placed near parks and other areas . But since they are outside, don’t we risk getting cold anyway? No, because the beds are equipped with thermal insulation to protect against wind, cold and humidity and their size allows them to accommodate up to two people.


image credit: Ulmer Nest/Facebook

The capsules are equipped with solar panels and sensors that detect each opening and closing movement. However, further improvements aimed at optimizing energy savings are planned. Each unit is also connected to a radio network which allows its occupants to communicate without having to connect to mobile networks.


image credit: Ulmer Nest/Facebook

The Ulmer Nest is certainly a temporary solution to a thorny issue, but the hope is that this little help can lead to something bigger.

source of used: Ulmer Nest

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