16 Funny Photos Show Canada Is A Country With A Great Sense Of Humor

All the countries of the world preserve traditions, customs, and particular uses that continue to fascinate tourists and citizens, in a journey of permanent discovery. Canada is certainly a fascinating country, where nature reigns supreme and everyone seems to be nicer than elsewhere. In the collective imagination, in fact, Canada is almost always portrayed as a large snow-covered country, populated by curious fauna and extremely respectful and honest people. All of this does not seem to be far from reality! In these 16 fun photos, we wanted to collect a little piece of that “Canadian spirit”.

What do you think? Wouldn’t you like to settle in this wonderful country, or at least choose it as your holiday destination?

#1. “Watch out for the dog!” … mmh, what a weird dog!

image credit: Reddit / BookerDeWittsCarbine

#2. In Canada, ducks rule the day!

image credit: Reddit

#3. They are all so polite and kind to Canada, that even the birds on the rooftops maintain adequate distancing

image credit: Reddit / chrismeds

#4. In Canada, the unit of measurement used to measure correct distance is the hockey stick.

image credit: Reddit / Deadly80

#5. “Well, now you don’t laugh at our plastic money anymore, eh?”

image credit: Reddit / ThunderGunExpress-

#6. “Help me … I have no more beer!”: This is also Canada!

image credit: Reddit / bibowski

#7. Beware of these animals … and dinosaurs in Canada!

image credit: Reddit / HanlonRazor

#8. Don’t worry, sooner or later it will melt …

image credit: Reddit / Surfincloud9

#9 “Just wash your hands!”

image credit: Reddit / GeorgesVezina99

#10. When spring arrives …

image credit: Reddit / LtBrannigan

#11. Be careful, “invincible momentum” in 5 km!

image credit: Reddit / Master0DD

#12. A typical snowy day in Canada …

image credit: Reddit / nimboloojak

#13. Wild animals cross the road at crosswalks in Canada …

image credit: Reddit / thechosenone6969

#14. In Canada, the game “Where did the road go?” has become a national sport

image credit: Reddit / action22jax

#15. Here are the clocks in Canada …

image credit: Reddit / spiritbx

#16. Maple flavored water … it’s only in Canada!

image credit: Reddit / hippiesinthewind

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