An Artist Created This Bust Of Nefertiti With 60,000 Bees. An Original Work That Makes You Think

What would you think if we told you that there are works of art that are the result of collaborations between humans and animals? This is how we can summarize the work of Tomas Libertiny, Slovak artist and designer, who decided to give voice by presenting to the world works made partly by him and partly by bees.

A choice far from fortuitous, on the one hand, because bees are creatures that try to resist with all their might the environmental damage caused by humans, and on the other hand because, with their wax, they can create resistant works but at the same time ephemeral. Just like the bust of Nefertiti which we are going to talk about.


image credit: tomaslibertiny/Instagram

When you think of ancient Egyptian art, the bust of Queen Nefertiti is certainly one of the most recognizable works of all , a true symbol of this fascinating civilization. And it is precisely on this observation that Libertiny decided to start creating something truly original and symbolic .


image credit: @designboom/Twitter

After making a 3D model of the bust, he used it as a ” scaffold ” to allow 60,000 bees to build their cells directly on it. It is simply amazing to observe the images of these hardworking insects that create the work, in fact with the artist.


image credit: tomaslibertiny/Instagram

It took about two years for this very special bust to be completed. At first it was displayed as bees shaped it in real time; later, when completed, it found its place at the Rademakers Gallery in Amsterdam.


image credit: tomaslibertiny/Instagram

The intention to create such a work? According to Tomas Libertiny, his bust of Nefertiti has a specific purpose of protest and alternative vision . “I wanted to contradict today’s consumer society,” he said, always looking for the most modern designs, choosing a vulnerable and almost ephemeral material like wax. “


image credit: tomaslibertiny/Instagram

Indeed, what is created by bees can resist a long time as well as be swept away in an instant: a stable fragility which is certainly excellent food for thought for all.


image credit: tomaslibertiny/Instagram

This is not the first time that Tomas has tried his hand at “made by bees” sculptures: vases, portraits, and busts all contain precious symbolic meaning, and it is simply fascinating to think that they were created (also ) by bees.

Source used:
tomaslibertiny / Instagram

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