16 Bulky Dogs Who Don’t Accept Growing Up And Keep Behaving Like Puppies

If you adopt a dog, you know you need to take care of it as if it were your own child. It’s not enough to feed them or walk them a few times a day – dogs also need constant attention and affection from their owners. Some people welcomed their four-legged friends when they were still puppies, and over time they saw their exponential growth. But regardless of their size compared to other dogs or their owners, these dogs continue and will continue to feel and act like puppies. They will keep getting on their knees, asking for hugs and hugs, playing like they never grew up. Do they refuse to accept that they are adults, or do they just not realize how tall they are?

#1. He has the beard and build of the master.

image credit: TheGospelOfMark/reddit

The dog’s name is Ben and the owner says passers-by are giving him amused looks.

#2. He looks like a bear but thinks he’s a little dog.

image credit: fadedcommunity/reddit

How tall is the black dog on the left in comparison?

#3. He wants to be hugged.

image credit: d4hm3r/reddit

The typical expression of a child who seeks attention.

#4. Two puppies, of different sizes, in confrontation.

image credit: beautifulntrealistic/reddit

Despite their different sizes, they both share the joyful spirit of puppies.

#5. Human, are you giving me a hug?

image credir: photodw/reddit

He does not realize that it is slightly heavy …

#6. He’s the little one in the house.

image credit: wellhellooosailor/reddit

#7. He wants to hide from the kitten.

image credit: idkbruhlifesus/reddit

This hiding tactic doesn’t seem to work, given his stature.

#8. He also needs a lot of hugs.

image credit: PusandBagels/reddit

#9. The kitten seems to almost disappear.

image credit: storyofohno / reddit

He does, however, seem very comfortable on his giant friend’s fur.

#10. The two children are enjoying a well-deserved relaxation on the sofa.

image credit: vladgrinch/reddit

#11. The innocent head of those who do not know they are heavy.

image credit: Swedishbouldering/imgur

#12. An imposing watchdog.

image credit: autobot71irohnide/imgur

#13. A small soft toy.

image credit: Quana_Cumbersnatch/reddit

It may inspire fear, but it’s actually a plush toy that seeks attention.

#14. A gentle giant.

image credit: 5th_Invictus/reddit

#15. The size of a bear but the heart of a puppy.

image credit: Skierdude821/reddit

#16. A kiss to the mother.

image credit: Mrscone46/imgur

Do we stop gambling because we become adults or do we become adults because we stop gambling? These dogs have no intention of growing or stopping playing and we, despite their bulky size, will continue to treat them like children. To our greatest delight!

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