18 Architects Who Designed Buildings So Absurd They Seem Like Something Out Of Apocalyptic Scenes

In architecture and design, the concept of “beautiful” is not always the same for everyone and can take very different forms. It is precisely for this reason that certain creations that designers consider “avant-garde” do not always go hand in hand with harmonious forms and certain practicality.

On the contrary, some buildings sometimes manage to change – for the worse! – the landscape where they are placed, so much so that people wonder how it was possible to design and build such things. For better or worse, the human imagination has no limits. check out some of the most absurd and bizarre buildings below that have been constructed around the world!

#1. What did it have to be? A mix of classic and modern? Absolutely excruciating to watch!

image credit: sf_grace/reddit

#2. We just wonder why …

image credit: lumos_jupiter/reddit

#3. A building only 3.5 meters wide: it may be the ultimate, but aesthetically, it is not the best …

image credit: PandaReturns/reddit

#4. For lack of space … we develop in height! Rather “wobbly”, don’t you think?

image credit: biwook/reddit

#5. Copy-paste, copy-paste, copy-paste … and the subdivision is ready!

image credit: reddit

#6. It might not be the best place to celebrate the Eiffel Tower …

image credit: TopAlternative4/reddit

#7. Looks like a puzzle that ended badly …

image credit: reddit

#8. It gives an unpleasant feeling of precariousness just looking at her …

image credit: nbgdblok45/reddit

#9. Those slit-shaped windows are pretty claustrophobic … and the whole building is pretty scary!

image credit: sebasbonillap/reddit

#10. Popular buildings in Chongqing, China: a real “urban hell”

image credit: reddit

#11. This emergency exit is a bit disturbing, to say the least …

image credit: iolandx/reddit

#12. Another emergency exit: this one is really dangerous!

image credit: o_You_Not_You_you/redit

#13. Newly constructed building: congratulations on a well calculated space!

image credit: jpgnz/reddit

#14. Who is the genius who placed the elevator between two floors? Imagine the happiness of a person with reduced mobility …

image credit: wil15021/reddit

#15. Why strengthen the foundation when you can just use tires? Hopefully they don’t live there …

image credit: danieljeji/reddit

#16. Like a dead end trap!

image credit:biwook/reddit

#17. The idea could have been nice, the rendering a little less …

image credit: biwook/reddit

#18. There is an air conditioner … but where is the window?

image credit: Pikabu

#19. Looks like someone shook it and the windows moved …

image credit: meltingtab/reddit

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