19 Brilliant People Who Solved Their Daily Problems With Ingenuity And A Spirit Of Adaptation

Faced with everyday problems big and small, there are those who find themselves lost and have no idea how to solve them, and there are those who decide that these are the perfect opportunities to test themselves, with ingenuity and spirit of adaptation.

After all, each of us, inside ourselves, can hide a little genius: it’s about knowing how to “nurture” and bring out your most creative side. And it’s wonderful when our ideas turn into practical tips that might not be perfect or beautiful to look at, but they sure work! We have put together a series of images below that show all the “everyday geniuses” we are talking about: find out how they have adapted to all situations!

#1. Sometimes the simplest tools give us the greatest satisfaction

image credit: Hank_Hill47/reddit

#2. Recycle milk cartons to turn them into transport trays: a really brilliant idea!

image credit: TimsAFK/reddit

#3. If the scooter is too expensive, with simple elements and a little inventiveness, you can create this!

#4. All you need is a simple elastic to wrap around the pockets of the shorts to solve the problem of objects falling while playing sports!

image credit: Alec_ACBF/reddit

#5. And goodbye to frozen hands on the bike!

image credit: HippySol/reddit

#6. If the weights are too expensive, the solution is a reservoir filled with water and an old t-shirt attached to its handle to lift it.

image credit: HSrandom420/reddit

#7. An apple slicer that is also perfect as … onion slicer!

image credit: BREN3/reddit

#8. When the going gets tough, ingenuity and adaptability are key!

image credit: mech_home/Instagram

#9. No pockets while you run? Here is the solution, practical and effective!

image credit: reddit

#10. Sitting in heels can be a great way to find relaxation even when standing for many hours.

image credit: Pikabu

#11. My teacher built an office for himself using old Apple computers.

image credit: ChrisBrownFist/reddit

#12. A rather useful tattoo, don’t you think?

image credit: robcale3/reddit

#13. Those who are not very tall will understand the situation very well: here is the solution!

image credit: Imgur

#14. My colleague uses a gas mask to protect himself while cutting onions.

image credit: reddit

#15. Is the flood coming? No problem !

image credit: joshua1154/reddit

#16. It may be a little daring, but it is certainly a very, very original solution to save space.

image credit: monsoonwinds/reddit

#17. A simple cone and the door remains blocked!

image credit: titsi / reddit

#18. My mother’s solution to having a well directed air jet with the hotel hair dryer: a simple plastic glass is enough!

image credit: MrDarkHorse/reddit

#19. A barbecue by the river? Why not take advantage of the elements that nature makes available to us?

image credit: uccebest1/reddit

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