A Photographer Manages To Immortalize The Brilliance Of “Mirror Spiders”. Their Abdomen Is Covered With Silver Plates

The natural world undoubtedly offers an incredible range of possibilities to thousands of photographers. All you need is a keen eye and being in the right place at the right time. For example, Nick Bay, a Singapore-based nature photographer, captured the incredible beauty of the ” spider ” in his shots. mirror “, a spider so special that it almost looks like a jewel. The abdomen of this curious animal is indeed covered with small silver plates that give it the appearance of a jewel signed Swarovski.


image credit: Facebook / Nick Bay

The scientific name of this scintillating spider is Thwaitesia argentiopunctata and for photographer Nick Bay it was a long and arduous search that, in the end, did not disappoint his expectations. Nick updates constantly his blog and his website web, where you can admire all its incredible close-ups of different types of insects and invertebrates. 


image credit: Nicky Bay

On the mirror spider, he was able to see changes in the animal’s behavior. From his notes, in fact, we know that the silver plates placed on the spider’s abdomen seem to shrink when the animal feels threatened in these moments, the true color of the abdomen is revealed. When, on the other hand, the spider feels no threat, these reflective plates spread out almost evenly.


image credit: Facebook / Nicky Bay

This brilliant spider is mainly found in Australia. Its dimensions are extremely small males have a body length of 3 mm, while females have a length of 4 mm.

A little eight-legged gem …


image credit: Facebook / Nicky Bay

To follow Nick Bay’s photographic activity, you can visit its official website and social networks:  Facebook and Instagram.

credit : Nick Bay

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