Boy Saves Fox From Fur Farm: They Are Now Inseparable.

Some animals do not seem really suited to establishing a friendship with us humans, but nature is so capable of surprising us, in the most incredible forms, that it is not uncommon for our convictions, even the most solid, to be upset.

Take foxes, for example. Wild animals par excellence, you would never think they could transform into loving and loyal four-legged friends, yet the story we are about to tell you is ready to give the lie to this assumption. Who are the protagonists? A fox, named Woody, and Yaroslav, a boy who did something very special for this animal.


Woody’s fate was already sealed, in anything but a positive way. The fox had grown up on a fur farm, and for its owners, it was meant to be just a way to make money.


In some areas of Russia, it is indeed legal to hold this type of activity. Woody’s fate, however, was destined to change, especially since, by a combination of circumstances, young Yaroslav got to know him and decided that he would do something to save him from this farm.


In return for payment for the value of Woody’s fur, his former owners decided to hand the fox over to Yaroslav, who became his human friend in 2015. However, this friendship was not always smooth.


At first, in fact, the fox was skeptical and hesitant about Yaroslav, probably very frightened by the change in habits he was undergoing. It only took a few days for the unthinkable to happen.


image credit: woody_the_fox/Instagram

As if a spark of communication had ignited between the two, the boy and the fox began to know each other. It seemed that they could finally understand each other, Woody growing more and more trust in the young man who had saved him from a sad fate.


image credit: woody_the_fox/Instagram

Yaroslav built a special shelter for his friend so that he could safely spend his time outdoors. Having grown up in captivity, this fox does not have sufficient skills to survive in the wild , so it needs special attention, which its human does not hesitate to give it.


image credit: woody_the_fox/Instagram

The rest of Woody and Yaroslav’s friendship story has been surprisingly positive. The animal has found happiness, and now seems anything but wild, it even seems more ” tame ” than many dogs or cats!


image credit: woody_the_fox/Instagram

The beautiful story of these two friends quickly made the rounds of the web, thanks also to the Instagram page on which Yaroslav shows their adventures, inspiring and bringing smiles to many people around the world.

source used: woody_the_fox/Instagram

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