No Hubs Or Spokes: Boy Modifies His Bike And Turns It Into A Futuristic Looking Vehicle.

Forget what, until now, you have always considered a normal bike, and keep only three characteristics: the two wheels, the pedals and the handlebars.

If that doesn’t seem like much to you, you certainly haven’t seen the incredible creation of the young engineer that we are going to present to you. At first glance, it’s hard to believe that behind this futuristic-looking vehicle is a traditional bicycle. But that’s exactly what it is: its creator modified a standard two-wheeler to create this “porthole”, a handcrafted and truly innovative project.


image credit: The Q/Youtube

No spokes on the wheels, no fork, and especially no hub in the middle of the wheels . Does it seem strange to you that a bicycle is devoid of all these components? Yet that’s what the engineer known as The Q created .


image credit: The Q/Youtube

The goal ? Making a DIY hubless bicycle, a new kind of two-wheeled vehicle that looks like it’s coming straight from the future .

image credit: The Q/Youtube

Bikes of this type, usually driven by an electric motor and as expensive as they are technological, are distinguished precisely by the “empty” wheels they display.


image credit: The Q/Youtube

The Q therefore wanted to try their hand at realizing their own concept of “windows”. After removing all of the parts we listed above and using specific tires , he moved the chain straight to the rim and the disc brake to the frame. It’s a very different concept from what we’re used to seeing on a traditional bike, but it shines with its originality .


image credit: The Q/Youtube

Regarding the practicality of use, however, it would be necessary to try this system in order to be able to fully understand whether the alternative transmission system brings benefits or not. It was not easy for The Q to make this bike, as it required the use of custom forged and modified parts . According to the videos and images shared on the web, however, the bike seems perfectly functional.


image credit: The Q/Youtube

What do you think ? Have you ever seen a bike like this? Would you like to take it for a walk?

Source used:

The Q

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