Board And Lodging In Exchange For A Helping Hand On The Farm. A Woman Seeks Help For Her Small House In The Woods

Rediscovering contact with nature and the simple aspects of life is something that many people would need today. This is not an exaggeration but a reality, taken as we are in the hectic life and stressful rhythms of cities.

The country life , however, can bring us a lot: we see it every time – even for one day – when we leave our daily routine and we immerse ourselves in the tranquility of rural areas. Of course, not having all the comforts close at hand and caring for animals, crafts and natural elements might not appeal to everyone, but if you are one of those who enjoys it all and want to turn life “green” , the unique job posting we are about to discuss is definitely the one for you.


image credit: Livia Marigliano Veterinarian / Facebook

What is it about ? Simple: accommodation and food in exchange for agricultural work . This is certainly not what you would expect from a “classic” job posting, but it is what an Italian from the Rome area offered by posting the search on Facebook.

A life facing nature , with “wonderful animals”, following the “call of the forest” and the beauty of “watching the shooting stars without the disturbance of the city lights”: this is what the ad is about. question. In return for helping with the work of the farm, which is located in a beautiful rural area, anyone who wishes to participate in this adventure will receive meals and accommodation.


image credit: Livia Marigliano Veterinarian / Facebook

It is clear that this is more than an ordinary “job”, but a real-life experience, a contact with ways of life, places, and activities that many people can even see. ignore the existence and, at the same time, a way of finding oneself with oneself.

What do you think ? Would it be ok ?

source: Livia Marigliano Veterinarian / Facebook

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