14 Bizarre People Pictured On Public Transport Show They Don’t Care About Other People’s Judgment

Public transport, before being a practical means of transport offered to the inhabitants of a city, is a place of observation and a place where anything can happen. If you usually take the streetcar, metro, and bus, you know this: often unexpected, bizarre, and funny encounters happen, and – in many cases – those encounters are immortalized. In this article we have put together the strangest and sometimes disturbing photos: some people were immortalized in special costumes, others took the opportunity to get some physical exercise. No doubt, these people show us that they do not attach any importance to people’s judgments.

#1. In the subway, lucky travelers witness an epic scene: the meeting between Batman and his father.

image credit: beavis420/reddit

#2. This woman was in a hurry to prepare dinner: between two trips, she took the opportunity to cut onions.

image credit: ohaaaay0_0/reddit

#3. Why travel on the road when you can put the car on the tram and save gas?

image credit: imgur

#4. This man, by a skilful exercise in contortionism, hides his head: now no one can see him.

image credit: peopleontheground/instagram

#5. How did he get his head inside an old TV? No passenger, however, seems to be surprised.

image credit: seasonofcunts/reddit

#6. This man is equipped by bringing a table and a lunch in the subway: one does not always have time to take a moment to oneself.

image credit: pepaa / imgur

#7. A specimen of yeti wanders imperturbably in the underground streets of the city: his traveling companions are not afraid, however.

image credit: reddit

#8. Is this a woman wearing makeup or wearing a mask? In public transport, we are always amazed by the shows we witness.

image credit: peopleontheground/instagram

#9. Usually, on the means of transport, it is difficult for the rain to come but, despite this, the man prefers to take shelter.

image credit: fear / imgur

#10. Will he be invited to a costume party or is it Halloween? Regardless, his mask and his courage are to be applauded.

image credit: peopleontheground/instagram

#11. We didn’t think Batman needed public transportation to get around. Maybe he wants to blend in with the mass of humans.

image credit: peopleontheground/instagram

#12. This boy is looking closely at his little cardboard man: a romantic moment that should absolutely not be interrupted.

image credit: peopleontheground/instagram

#13. Has someone decided to dress up as a shark: for a fancy dress party or because they don’t want to be recognized?

image credit: mamafds pikabu

#14. This man is convinced he is Spiderman but the girl behind him does not feel too safe.

image credit: subwaypeople/instagram

The people who took these photos will certainly never forget their commute on public transport. Have you ever traveled on public transport and witnessed bizarre situations? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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