USA: Billions Of Cicadas Rise From The Earth After 17 Years, The Spectacle Is Impressive.

We don’t all have a good relationship with insects: that’s for sure. Living with these creatures, even though they are small, perhaps harmless and often almost “invisible”, is a real challenge for many. Thousands of people in parts of the United States are experiencing a real nightmare due to massive and unexpected natural phenomena.

What happened? Simple, and at the same time impressive: billions of cicadas have emerged from the ground after spending years and years underground, at a “juvenile” and immature stage of life. Now ready to come out and breed, these creatures are literally wreaking havoc among the inhabitants of the eastern states. The photos speak for themselves: let’s take a closer look.


image credit: Sufficient-Dream4579/reddit

Forget the classic cicadas we are used to hearing or seeing in Europe: this is Magicicada, a genus widespread in North America with a life cycle ranging from 13 to 17 years . Their “invasion” had already been predicted, in the spring period of May. These insects spend years in a juvenile stage, called a ” nymph “, then, for 4-6 weeks, they emerge from the ground and reproduce.


image credit: James St. John/Flickr

The cicadas that emerged in the spring of 2021 were therefore born around 2004 . Awesome, isn’t it? Even if you don’t like or fear bugs, you have to admit that the photos taken by locals in these parts of America are amazing.


image credit: Imgur

These insects are literally everywhere : one only has to go outside to realize the power of nature in this particular manifestation.


Due to their lifecycle, this is a sight that many only get to see a few times, and a phenomenon limited to the Northeastern United States.


What’s amazing about these cicadas is that they manage to survive underground despite attacks from their predators. This is a feature that still baffles scientists today, who are not even able to fully explain how these insects are able to synchronize when the time comes to emerge to the surface.


The theories, in this sense, are numerous, and all involve biological and environmental elements thanks to which the Magicicada are able to follow the time and understand when it is necessary to leave their underground shelter.


image credit: Tom Bilbo/Twitter

Whatever “secret” they hide, one thing is certain: witnessing such a spectacle is both fascinating and disturbing .


The photos with which the inhabitants of these areas have documented the phenomenon could panic more than one: imagine going out and immersing yourself in an environment populated by billions of creatures like these, often gathered in large groups and gathered in the most places. more unthinkable. Could you keep your cool? The only consolation is that their “appearance” only lasts a few days …

source used: USA Today

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