17 Things That Turned Out To Be Bigger Than We Ever Imagined

Even though we live with our brains our whole lives, you definitely can’t always trust it. After all, you can easily fall into an illusion.

It is better to be convinced of everything with your own eyes, in the sizes of different parts. Because it may turn out that the legs of an eagle are not so small and that the anthills can compete in growth with an adult male. See for yourself!

#1. The cultirist and actor Haftor Björnsson and a mug in hand.

#2. Eagle claws and human fist

#3. The structure and height of an anthill.

#4. ELT Astronomical Observatory under Construction vs. The Roman Coliseum.

#5. Actual charge of 17 years and 3 weeks.

#6. Mining excavator bucket.

#7. Compare the size of a human palm and the paw of a wolf.

#8. Two very different cat breeds: American Shorthair and Maine Coon

#9. The jaws of the extinct giant megalodon shark and its relative, the white shark

#10. The Boeing 787 turbine and its pilot.

#11. On the left is the claw of an ostrich, and on the right that of a bear.

#12. Human vs Amur tiger.

#13. Size comparison of Pluto and Australia

#14. Newborn crocodile next to the tooth of an adult relative.

#15. Jimmy Fallon and Shaquille O’Neill jackets.

#16. Giant sequoias in Yosemite National Park.

#17. The leg of a male cassowary next to a human hand.

Things are many times bigger than we think, but we see them so far away that we never realize their true size. Share this interesting gallery so that everyone knows the real size of these things.

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