18 Of The Best Tricks Parents Use To Save Their Kids From Themselves.

Those who have children, especially when they are just starting out, can pretend not to need help for reasons of pride but at the end of the day we all know how exhausting it can be to raise them while trying to protect them from the myriad of dangers that are always lurking.
Therefore, not only should you never refuse a little help , but you shouldn’t even forget to ask for it!
In this gallery you will surely find some suggestions that you will take note of!

He doesn’t give up on the metal concert but protects his son’s hearing.

Parents who hide sweets from their children in bags of other foods…

A truly special “medicine”!

Bucket full of water and off you go, the afternoon is organised!

Did you know this way of explaining time to children? It’s really helpful!

Three small children in the car? Separating them is a sort of duty!

A whiteboard for your desk.

Here’s how to make a day at the beach more comfortable.

Giving vent to creativity is essential: here’s a way to not have to worry about cleaning up!

The glove that reassures the child, have you thought about it?

Barbie, as usual, has tangled hair: this mom switched to conditioner and dish soap and look at the result!

A little help to teach the little ones to put on their shoes themselves… In the right direction!

To let them play without ending up increasing the level of chaos in the house

Nobody ever puts the games back, but if they provide another “game” to put them back in, they gain a chance!

Here is a useful reuse of lids for take-away drinks.

Many parents provide their children with monster spray to help them face their fears.

Have you lost an item? Put together a nice treasure hunt and get help from those who know about hiding places!

These rubber hoses to use in the pool are great fun but don’t underestimate the possibilities of reuse: you can secure quite a few things with them!

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