17 People With The Best Luck In The World

We all wish we had a bit of your luck.

Luck is a matter of being at the right time and time for it to take effect. Many of us are far from the big events and that in a way can be a stroke of very good or very bad luck, depending on the perspective.

Being lucky is what these 17 people experienced when they found or found themselves in a good position. If you don’t believe us, keep sliding:

#1. “My dog ​​didn’t hurt my new game.”

#2. The storm knocked down 2 trees and none hit that car.

#3. Like this other car.

#4. “My muffin fell off and I thought I would have to throw it away but …”

#5. “I found the hen with the double eggs.”

#6. The best luck of an obsessive compulsive.

#7. The perfect avocado did not exist …

#8. “I cooked the last cheese fingers I had and was surprised”

#9. “The packaging didn’t tell me 2 would come”

#10. “I found this old coin on the street and discovered that it is worth at least $ 1,000”

#11. “I just wanted a bubble gum.”

#12. “I had ordered an origami online and I got a full box”

#13. “I bought this shirt at the used clothing store and I think it was free”

#14. Just so as not to stain the pants.

#15. Things that happen only one in a million.

#16. If the bills are in good condition, today was your lucky day

#17. The luck of not having a flat tire.

Luck can come to us at any time, don’t you think? Share this gallery to see if a little of the luck of these people gets infected.

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