Mother Walks Into Daughter’s Bedroom And Finds Dozens Of Spiders On The Walls

There are people for whom the sight of a single spider, even a small one and absolutely harmless, causes a state of deep discomfort and real fear. After all, arachnophobia is a phobic, irrational, and out of control mechanism, and when it hits, there’s not much you can do except stay away from these dreaded spiders.

But a situation like the one we’re going to show you could make even someone who has never feared a spider in their life arachnophobic. A scene almost from a horror movie, an Australian mother experienced when she entered her daughter’s bedroom.


image credit: PrinPeta/Twitter

Few would have been happy to be in this woman’s shoes when she opened the door to her daughter’s room, entered and found the room literally infested with dozens and dozens of spiders .


image credit: PrinPeta/Twitter

More than words, in this case the images speak for themselves : the arachnids were there, “big, hairy, fast and frightening”, according to the definition of an Internet friend of the mother in question, who shared the photos on Twitter. As usually happens in these cases, the comments have followed one another relentlessly, and among them some have pointed out that the hunting spider is a healthy species to have in the house, since it is not harmful to humans, she takes care of the bugs and doesn’t bother too much.

This is all true, of course, but the fact remains that a similar amount of spiders roaming the walls and ceiling of a room in the house wouldn’t make you sleep soundly. And even, for some, it would be a real nightmare come true. What do you think ? Would you manage to remain calm in front of such a scene?



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