19 People Who Tried To Make Beautiful Cakes But Failed Miserably

Let’s be honest: not many people can resist the temptation of a good cake. Whether it’s a simple cake or a more elaborate (and maybe even rather calorie-dense!), there is something that inevitably makes us want a slice at all costs.

This is why many people try to create the most imaginative cakes and desserts, perhaps taking inspiration from the irresistible cakes that they decide to make to their delight and that of their family and friends. However, the results do not always live up to expectations, especially if they are not prepared by real professionals. Thus, what was supposed to be amazing and delicious “works” are transformed into creations of undefined, funny, and sometimes even disturbing shapes. Here are 19 hilarious examples!

#1. Where’s the cute little owl I was supposed to create

image credit: grilledCheese69BLM/reddit

#2. My cat doesn’t seem very happy with the cake I made in his honor …

image credit: AggressiveMennonite/reddit

#3. Please smile, don’t upset your mom who made the cake …

image credit: W3bD3vK3v/reddit

#4. A very special Spider-Man!

image credit: Pikabu

#5. When you order a cake and request that the images in the USB stick be put on it, you end up with this!

image credit: Imgur

#6. They asked me what I wanted to see written on the cake: I answered “nothing”, here is the result.

image credit: chefgeorgeduran/twitter

#7. He must have been a nice little lamb …

image credit: dnsmrl/reddit

#8. I tried to make a hedgehog pie, but some kind of monster came out …

image credit: axenaa/reddit

#9. Plus que “Hello Kitty”, je dirais “Horror Kitty” !

image credit: filpd/reddit

#10. I wanted to bake an octopus shaped cake, but what I did is just a strange creature …

image credit: uppyNKittyFurEva/reddit

#11. Find the similarities …

image credit: EmmaAcklandd/reddit

#12. Again, you have to practice guessing what it was supposed to be!

image credit: AliciaRFulmer/reddit

#13. What happened to you, Bart Simpson?

image credit: damgnoise/reddit

#14. Rather scary, don’t you think?

image credit: Pikabu

#15. There is still a long, long way to go here …

image credit: Pikabu

#16. It must have been an island-shaped cake, would you have imagined it?

image credit: Toot_My_Own_Horn/reddit

#17. Expectations versus reality: 1 to 0

image credit: EmmaAcklandd/reddit

#18. This doesn’t look like the ship I planned to create …

image credit: nai-wiley/reddit

#19. Rainbow cake or weird “cake” with an undefined shape?

image credit: 2muchshit2quit/reddit

#20. Poor Masha, she didn’t deserve this treatment!

image credit: Pikabu

Have you ever seen or baked cakes so far from your expectations?

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