This Stand Sells Fries In Banana Leaves To Avoid The Use Of Plastic Trays

The fact that plastic has become a problem for our environment is now a fact. Many people and just as many restaurants are realizing that change starts with us and that it is, therefore, essential to make a commitment to avoid consumption of the material in question as much as possible. In Guatemala, a street food stall decided to serve fries in banana leaves to reduce the trade and consumption of single-use plastic.


image credit: We are Xinkas Guatemala / Facebook

Although it was a small action taken by a small restaurant, the initiative captured the attention of customers and other businesses. More and more people have been inspired by this stand. The common goal is to pay more attention to the environment . How to replace the famous and harmful plastic trays? 


image credit: Ketlin Peldes / Pinterest

The banana leaves are a natural product once used in culinary practices, particularly in some Latin American countries. But, in general, the leaves were used as a container only for certain dishes of traditional cuisine. However, these street vendors decided to extend their use to other dishes, such as delicious and timeless fries. They also did away with the small forks and instead came up with simple wooden toothpicks.

It is a very simple action, but the change starts just this way.

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