Australia Is Invaded By Millions Of Spiders And Spider Webs Cover Everything: “It’s The Apocalypse”

The fear of spiders is one of the most common, so it’s no surprise that the phenomenon affecting Australia is called a true apocalypse. After the rat invasion and flooding, cities in the state of Victoria were invaded by millions of spiders who weave giant webs: the images that were shared resemble images from a horror movie. But what is this situation due to?


image credit: jk409/reddit

The previous days, this area had been hit by heavy flooding. This is why the spiders, which usually live in the ground, sought refuge elsewhere: to escape the rising waters caused by the heavy rainfall, they climbed trees, benches, and the walls of houses. Although this is a frightening phenomenon, and people are afraid to see spiders suspended in flight and webs built on the roof of their house, this phenomenon is also quite common.


image credit: jk409/reddit

This has happened in the past, but the webs have never been so large: when it rains more than necessary, the spiders try to find shelter and, to do so, weave these thin and very large canvases to move around, also helping the wind. This technique used by spiders is called ” ballooning “, which means “hot air balloon”, and allows spiders to escape predators and find safety in inclement weather conditions.


image credit: FlyingCock/reddit

These ghostly images are all around the web: millions of spiders invade the country and huge webs cover the ground, vegetation, houses, objects in the street. The inhabitants are worried and scared: they define this situation as a nightmare. Climate change is causing obvious damageand frightening: after the “plague of mice” that destroyed crops, the “spider apocalypse” has arrived, and many people – quipping a worrisome situation – have claimed to deserve an award for being able to keep their cool. Many locals have tried to take matters into their own hands, removing some cobwebs, but the situation is not expected to improve immediately: more rains are expected in Victoria.

source used: nypost

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