Australia, A Huge Quantity Of Moss “Infested” By Snakes Invades The Coasts. The Spectacle Is Apocalyptic

Sometimes the worst nightmares can materialize in front of our eyes, taking the form of something that is seemingly quite harmless. No, we’re not summarizing the plot of a horror movie, but this is how we might sum up what happened on the east coast of Australia.

Several severe storms hit the maritime areas of New South Wales and Queensland, causing flooding, heavy rains, and severe disruption. As if all this were not enough, huge amounts of fluffy white foam, which at first glance might seem harmless, came from the sea. The reality is quite different, however.


image credit: FRANCE 24 English/Youtube

In moderate amounts, a foam-like the one seen in Australia would not cause any concern. But here the phenomenon has reached almost apocalyptic proportions, to the point of overwhelming coasts and beaches and making them look like sets from a horror film.


image credit: FRANCE 24 English/Youtube

A veritable wave of foam, which formed following violent atmospheric events and which, unfortunately, also contains pollutants. An aspect that people who have not lost the opportunity to dive and play in the white coat should keep in mind, also considering that this is not the only danger that this foam carries.


image credit: FRANCE 24 English/Youtube

The authorities have warned the population of the dangers that this marine phenomenon can hide. Inside, invisible but no less risky, can hide the formidable sea serpents, poisonous creatures far from rare in these areas. So, as tempting this foam may seem, it is better to stay away as much as possible, if you do not want to expose yourself to an unwanted and threatening surprise.


image credit: FRANCE 24 English/Youtube

The images from Australia speak for themselves: the seafoam is so dense and abundant that it is possible to get lost in it, just like what happened to a dog who risked being trapped inside and luckily rescued. Finally, this soft coat can hide debris and sudden strong currents.

In short, a true apocalypse scenario, which reminds us once again that nature always knows how to make us feel small in the face of its immense power.

source used:
The Guardian

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