At 101, She Sends A Cv To Find A Job: “I Don’t Want To Depend On My Grandchildren”

Job hunting is, in every way, a job. There are people who give up at the first hurdle and are beaten down with a “no”, and others who keep fighting to make their dreams come true. Independence, as we are taught from childhood, is invaluable. Maria Cardoso fought for her independence and today, even though she is 101 years old, she does not give up her financial freedom .


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Maria Cardoso was born in 1919 and currently lives in the city of Promissao in Brazil. She has been working since the age of 9, and at a certain age, she had to rely on her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, asking them to help her with things big and small. Performing normal daily activities becomes difficult at a certain age. But her triple-digit age is no obstacle for Maria: she has understood that she does not want to be a burden on her grandchildren and is ready to do anything to make herself a little more independent, especially financially. . So she asked her great-granddaughter Pamela to help her write a resume to send to a job search agency, and so her adventure to find a job began.


image credit: mariacardoso1919official/Instagram

Neither Maria nor Pamea expected their story to go viral. As it turns out, Juliana Araujo , HR manager at a winery, posted Maria’s resume on social media, hoping to help. She wrote: “Maria, 101, is a woman who asked her great-granddaughter to hand in her CV because she wants to work and therefore doesn’t want to depend on anyone to buy the wine she loves so much. A lesson in courage, strength, and independence for all of us! “


image credit: mariacardoso1919official/Instagram

Maria loves wine and one of her biggest wishes was to be able to buy it without asking for help from the family. Juliana’s message also reached a local winery, who then reached out to Grandma Maria to ask her to become the preferred taster of their wines and to be their face in advertising campaigns. Maria accepted without hesitation: “I’m very happy, they finally give me value. I almost want to cry. Today Maria is a very happy independent influencer grandmother .

source used: The Tennessee Tribune

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