As A Child, She Was Forbidden To Keep Her Hair Long, Now She Hasn’t Cut It For 15 Years: She Calls Herself The Japanese Rapunzel

Rin Kambe is 35 years old and was born in Tokyo. She was never allowed to grow her hair as a child: she was a member of the football team and her hair had to be short. This is why, as an adult, she decided to use her hair as a “weapon of expression” and has not cut it since the age of 20 . Today, she calls herself the Japanese Rapunzel.


image credit: rin_rapunzel/instagram

Rin’s last haircut was 15 years ago , and today her black locks are around 1.5 meters. Although her hair sometimes gets in the way of daily chores, the Japanese model and dancer proudly flaunt it, claiming it embodies the “beauty of Asia.” Rin is constantly asked if her hair is real and, faced with her long coat, reactions are mixed .


image credit: rin_rapunzel/instagram

Some are spellbound, others consider the length to be overdone, and some even claim that she is a monster. She says she is unaffected by criticism and negative comments and has learned to accept them because everyone should be free to express their opinion.


image credit: rin_rapunzel/instagram

Rin decided to grow her hair out because she wanted to shine in her own way. If you’re also wondering when she’s going to get her hair cut, the answer is, not anytime soon.

source used: dailystar

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