Egypt, Archaeologists Unearth 4,200-year-old Temple Belonging To Previously Unknown Queen

It seems that the necropolis of Saqqara in Egypt is an almost inexhaustible source of discovery and wonder for archaeologists who explore it and uncover some priceless treasures.

Thirty perfectly preserved sarcophagi, various precious funerary objects, a 2,500-year-old mummy to these discoveries, which left the whole world speechless, another is added. What is it about? An astonishing 4,200-year-old mortuary temple, built for a queen whose identity has finally been revealed, and more than fifty sarcophagi that were part of an ancient city of the dead.


image credit: Ancient Architects/Youtube

The necropolis of Saqqara was of fundamental importance in the graves of ancient Egypt. This is where, for centuries and centuries, the peoples of the Middle East have laid their dead. It goes without saying that today, for archaeologists, this place in the south of the capital represents a place with extraordinary possibilities to make discoveries and come into contact with customs, remains, and testimonies.


image credit: Ancient Architects/Youtube

In 2010 in Saqqara, researchers also found a pyramid, most likely belonging to one of King Thetis’ wives, although the origin of the artifact remains uncertain. Apparently, ten years later, the mystery has been revealed: Thanks to the discovery of a mortuary temple, the woman’s name has surfaced. It was Queen Nearit, wife of Thetis, a figure many scholars had never heard of before.


image credit: Ancient Architects/Youtube

“With this queen, we add an important piece to Egyptian history,” commented Zahi Hawass, head of archaeological excavations at Saqqara. But the discoveries do not end there.


image credit: Ancient Architects/Youtube

Not far from the temple of Nearit, archaeologists unearthed three warehouses in which were found the votive offerings brought by the subjects to Thetis and his wife, tools used to build the temple, and more than fifty burial pits with as many sarcophagi. in wood.


image credit: Ancient Architects/Youtube

Imagine for a moment being in front of such a spectacle: you don’t have to be an archeology enthusiast to understand its importance. These last tombs found at Saqqara are considerably older than the previous ones. Many of them are decorated and, presumably, contain mummies preserved according to typical Egyptian customs.


image credit: Ancient Architects/Youtube

Artifacts , decorations, precious jewelry, a papyrus with a chapter from the “Book of the Dead” and even an ancient chess-like ” board game ” characterized these astonishing discoveries, which literally rewrote a piece of Egyptian history. Ancient.


image credit: Ancient Architects/Youtube

It is very likely that these are not the last testimonies that Saqqara will be able to offer to the world. As excavations continue, one really wonders what and how many other wonders are buried below.

source of used: CBS News

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