15 People Who Definitely Don’t Understand Anything About Fashion.

The concept of fashion is totally subjective.

Fashion can vary from person to person. Still, we are forced to accept that some people simply do not have a sense of good taste in clothing. No one needs to be a great fashion guru to know that some pieces simply should never have made it to the shelves, let alone the closets!

#1. Would you use that?

#2. Every child’s nightmare when it comes to going back to school.

#3. Trust me, this is the pattern.

#4. Who would pay for a completely ripped pair of jeans?

#5 Can anyone understand what the idea was here?

#6. “I thought these socks would be really good, until I put them on and looked at my feet.”

#7. This dress has the Shutterstock logo on it.

#8. Wasn’t there a slightly better place for this flower?

#9. This dress is at least a little strange.

#10. You thought Bart was from the Simpsons.

#11 Elsa, is it really you?

#12. New trend.

#13. It seems that Apple is entering the footwear market.

#14. Where is everyone looking?

#15. Why didn’t you use the “C” in the university logo for the word ‘Central’?

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