15 Animals We Never Thought Could Get So Big

Everything is relative to the world: what for us can be considered a small slender animal can on the contrary be strong and appropriate in relation to “his world”. Think about the extraordinary strength of ants. Conversely, there are specimens in nature that can reach incredible dimensions for us humans. Coming face to face with one of them could be a once in a lifetime experience if considered harmless. In this series of photos, we offer you some shots where the immense difference in size and weight between man and animal is evident.

#1. Nightmare of the Abyss!

image credit: Imgur / CreepingXxstoryX

#2. A Snapping Turtle is not exactly the kind of turtle you keep at home …

image credit: Imgur / CreepingXxstoryX

#3. A bear’s paw isn’t exactly what we want to deal with every day

image credit: Imgur / CreepingXxstoryX

#4. Patrick, the 32 year old wombat, to hug!

image credit: Reddit / sgon9

#5. A giant African snail can reach these dimensions

image credit: Imgur / CreepingXxstoryX

#6. For those who don’t like invertebrates, here they are!

image credit: Imgur / CreepingXxstoryX

#7. Is it a dog or a horse ?!

image credit: Imgur / CreepingXxstoryX

#8. The Chinese giant salamander is the largest amphibian in the world and is an endangered species.

image credit: Imgur / CreepingXxstoryX

#9. Moose tooth … the hand makes you realize how big it is

image credit: Reddit/ sugar36spice

#10. Wow, the dinosaurs were really huge!

image credit: Reddit / hadrosaur-harley

#11. Do you know halibut? It is a spectacular fish that inhabits the northern seas. The one in this photo is really giant!

image credit: Reddit / sozazac

#12. The head of this Corso dog is impressive

image credit: Reddit / Unicornglitteryblood

#13. Is that a giant rat ?!

image credit: Reddit / theonewhostaresback

#14. The human hand compared to the footprint of a polar bear

image credit: Reddit / 5_Frog_Margin

#15. “Big Jake” is the biggest horse in the world!

image credit: Reddit / prothjok

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