Animals Have A Sense Of Humor Too,16 Times They Couldn’t Make Us Smile.

Although animals do not speak the same language as humans, they can still make themselves understood, but more importantly, they understand the moods of humans. Small domestic creatures can understand their masters at a glance and try in every way to play with them.

Very often, animals perform actions that are inexplicable to humans, but which make people laugh.

Here are 16 situations in which these animals showed a sense of humor and managed to bring a smile.

1. Bag

Cats, as soon as they see a bag, start to play with it or hide in it. Most of the time, however, they choose it as a bed.

2. Alpaca

This alpaca seems to be protesting against the clouds, he probably doesn’t want it to rain.

3. Little nap

Maybe his owner can’t move, but seeing him sleeping so peacefully can only soothe…

4. Pump stroke

This dog seems to be very tired, but mostly hungry. In fact, to show his hunger, he started licking the floor.

5. Stretches

This cat chose to sleep on the sofa, but before and after his nap, he needs to stretch.

6. Blurred photo

“I tried to take a picture of my cat”. But this photo came out slightly blurry. Next time, we’ll have to find a way to make him stay still.

7. Seat

He tried in every way to get into the chair. Maybe it was just a way to be close to his mistress.

8. Bee?

This cat tried to become a bee. The question is how he got the idea to put his head there.

9. The masked dog

There is a new superhero ready to help anyone in trouble. The streets will now be safer.

10. Dog or lion

The king of the house. This dog chose to become a lion, with his grandiose mane.

11. Milk

Nothing is impossible. This cat showed that if you really want to, you can do anything.

12. Chip packet

He wanted to eat crisps at all costs, so he decided to stick his whole snout in the bag.

13. Relaxation

These two little animals have decided to take a day of relaxation and tranquility. They decided to take a dip in a jacuzzi.

14. Rest

This gentleman decided to rest on a bench in one of London’s many parks, with his dog.

15 Rabbit

This rabbit has decided to eat anything, but he acts as if he did nothing.

16. Mushrooms

He went for a walk with his master, maybe he put this outfit on him to hide among the mushrooms.

Their eccentricities will always make us smile and whatever they do, they will always know how to be forgiven.

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