These Photos Show 18 Animals Before And After Their Adoption. They Found Energy And A Better Life

It’s not uncommon to come across news and episodes that, sadly, confirm to us that man never seems able to stop hurting other creatures, often with utterly gratuitous cruelty. We think of all these cases of mistreated or abandoned animals, reduced to conditions so difficult that their salvation is not always obvious.

But luckily, among so many cruel human beings, there are many more who decide to take this issue to heart with adoption. This is not a simple act of selflessness, but a real gift. When adopted, these creatures begin a new life, in a safe home and with people who love and care for them as they deserve. Their new looks and smiles tell us better than a thousand words how grateful they can be to those who adopted them. Don’t miss the photos we’ve put together below!

#1. Ellie, how she was and how she is now: quite a change, don’t you think?

image credit: yogiiiiiiiiii/reddit

#2. We adopted him 13 years ago and every moment we spent with him has been special.

image credit: Disgruntled_Viking/reddit

#3. Willow’s transformation from adoption to today.

image credit: azerlime / reddit

#4. He was a stray cat and we saved him: the change in life is visible, even in size!

image credit: gecko_roman/reddit

#5. He couldn’t be happier with his new life with the people who adopted him!

image credit: neekokitty/reddit

#6. We found Booker in very poor condition in an isolated area: now, after the treatment, his eyes have regained their lost liveliness!

image credit: DysautonomiaQueen/reddit

#7. Before and after: a big leap in quality!

image credit: besidethebed/reddit

#8. It all started like this, but now it’s another dog!

image credit: nipdeep/reddit

#9. This little one just needed someone to take care of him with love and dedication: here are the results!

image credit: reddit

#10. The fear in his eyes has definitely given way to happiness and liveliness!

image credit: ilovepizzzaaa/reddit

#11. From the street to our garden: everything has changed for Wynter!

image credit: Coolmorecooties/reddit

#12. The transformation is obvious: just look him in the eye!

image credit: @conodeeskimo/twitter

#13. This boy saved the little dog from certain death: she returns the favor with love and joy.

image credit: Isravilla18/twitter

#14. These photos describe better than anything why adopting an animal in distress is such a wonderful gesture.

image credit: reddit

#15. Now he’s smiling and playing full of energy!

image credit: reddit

#16. My little donkey had been abandoned in a meadow: I took her and I looked after her, and the results are visible after a few months.

image credit: EponaMom/reddit

#17. Ollie, before and after adoption: happiness is obvious!

image credit: jolliepup/reddit

#18. We found him in a meadow, in very poor condition: after 5 months he couldn’t be happier and in better health.

image credit: Zepzodian/reddit

Have you ever adopted an animal, giving it a smile and a new life?

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