20 Animal Photos That Really Exist, Even If You Don’t Believe It

On our planet, there are many animal species, each with its own physical characteristics that differentiate it from the others. Some need to camouflage themselves in the environment in which they live to survive predators or to hunt prey, others have exceptional eyesight at night, still others a keen sense of smell. The Earth is populated with so many animals that we don’t know them all. Let’s take a look at some pictures of animals that look a bit weird.

#1. The fierce harpy is typical of South America.

image credit: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen / Wikimedia

#2. The bat with visor is mainly found in South America.

image credit: jacquesfu/Reddit

#3. The mata mata, a South American reptile

image credit: haydepops /Imgur

#4. The dugong lives only in the Indian Ocean.

image credit: Julien Willem/wikimedia

#5. The Kenyan Spiderman Lizard

image credit: Leyo / Wikimedia

#6. The long-eared herboise is a rodent typical of Mongolia and China.

image credit: RalphiesBoogers/Reddit

#7. The hammerhead worm, mainly widespread in most of the United States and Europe

image credit: Jukin Media /Youtube

#8. The Damascus goat

image credit: Yellow Duck Official/Youtube

#9. Calliostoma annulatum is a typical sea snail from Alaska and Baja California.

image credit: Steve Lonhart/Wikimedia

#10. The Budapest Pigeon

image credit: Jennifer Graevell/Flickr

#11. The tortoise frog lives in Africa

image credit: Stephen Zozaya/Wikimedia

#12. The snake with the leaf-shaped nose of Madagascar

image credit: Alextelford/Wikimedia Commons

#13. The typical moon butterfly of the southern part of the United States

image credit: ggallice (Geoff Gallice)/Wikimedia Commons

#14. Babiroussa lives in the Indonesian islands

image credit: Dschwen/Wikipedia

#15. The Mexican hedgehog

image credit: Patrick Gijsbers / Wikimedia Commons

#16. The butterfly called “tiger’s wing” with a golden chrysalis (Latin America)

image credit: Dick Culbert/Wikimedia Commons

#17. The Budgett’s frog, typical of Bolivia and Paraguay

image credit: Eefjuhderooie/Wikimedia Commons

#18. Mexican honey ants

image credit: Greg Hume (Greg5030)/Wikimedia Commons

#19. The hedgehog grasshopper Markia from Central and South America

image credit: different/Youtube

#20. The Amazon flycatcher

image credit: Tom Ambrose/Wikimedia Commons

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