An Urban Beehive For Those Who Do Not Have Open Spaces. It Is Now Possible To Be A Beekeeper While Living In The City.

From a start-up called Being, the B-Box project aims to promote urban beekeeping. B-Box is an urban beehive, designed for the city, capable of ensuring a healthy and safe life for bees: it is not new, in fact, that in recent years the bee population has suffered a dramatic decline. So how do you encourage the repopulation of these insects?


image credit: Bianca Ackermann/unsplash

Thanks to this tool, even those who live in an urban apartment, or who do not have large open spaces, can become beekeepers. Beekeeping is a practice that has been around for generations and was previously reserved for those with a large open space. Those who do not have such an area, however, cannot keep bees for honey production.


image credit: BEEing/Facebook

Compared to traditional beehives, B-box offers many advantages. The structure is made of wood, with a removable panel, and allows you to see the bees at work at all times. The area where the bees live is separate from the area where the honey is deposited, allowing beekeepers to remove the frames and collect the honey without disturbing the insects and without using specialized equipment. This method is easier and safer than lifting the lid of a normal beehive.


image credit: b_eeing/instagram

Inside the beehive, there are also sensors and, thanks to an app for smartphones, one can record data on the health of the animals, as well as monitor the temperature and humidity of the environment. The design is innovative, designed to fit even in small spaces, and can be personalized. Extracting honey while preserving the well-being of the bees is now possible and the hope is to repopulate these precious insects.

source used beeing

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