An Artist From Lyon Repairs Sidewalks With Beautiful Mosaics: His Works Make Us Smile.

How many cities in the world do people face potholes day after day? Certainly a lot, and Lyon is one of those urban centers where the problem is present. Fortunately, in the absence of repairs from the authorities responsible for fixing the holes, there is someone who, with inventiveness, sympathy, and talent, decides to turn them into something beautiful.

We are talking about Eminem, the artist who decided to “illuminate” the holes in Lyon, his birthplace, with splendid mosaics. With his colorful tiles, he repairs sidewalks , and ugly and dangerous holes become little works of art. And in its “viewfinder”, there are not only the ditches in the ground but also the eroded facades of certain buildings. Ready to take a closer look at his works with a ” flacking tour “?


image credit: ememem.flacking/Instagram

Over the years, the interventions carried out by Ememem have become a true symbol of the city of Lyon.


A bad sidewalk or a damaged wall are certainly not the same after its intervention. You just have to scroll through the photos of his works to realize it!


Vivid colors, geometric shapes, beautiful writing: all this and much more make up Ememem’s mosaic works, and each of them has its own particularity. Certainly, there is never repetition, since the artist inserts them into spaces already present and all different!


image credit: ememem.flacking/Instagram

His works are called “flacking”, from the word “puddle”, and it is not difficult to understand the reason for this. They are inserted right where, in their absence, a puddle would have formed.


image credit: ememem.flacking/Instagram

Sewers, sidewalks, walls of buildings, paving of squares or avenues: nothing escapes Ememem’s eye, with results pleasing to the eye of his fellow citizens!



image credit: ememem.flacking/Instagram

“He fixes broken pavement and walls and opens the doors to Wonderland,” reads his website, and we couldn’t agree more.


image credit: ememem.flacking/Instagram

And over the years, Ememem has not been limited to the city of Lyon …


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… His artistic works have been transported to other cities in Europe, giving wonderful and colorful bursts of light in many corners that would otherwise be gray and sad.


Aberdeen, Turin, Scotland, Paris, Barcelona are some of the places visited by this eclectic and original artist.


Who knows which sidewalks he will still walk on and how many people will be captivated by the beauty of his mosaics.


Ememem’s project is a real mission, a useful artistic intervention, beautiful and capable of uplifting the morale of many people.


What do you think ? Have you ever had the chance to see one of his works?



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