Amazon Sells Flintstones Inflatable Car, Cared For Down To The Smallest Detail.

Who doesn’t know The Flintstones Family? The famous American animated series whose action takes place in the Stone Age, in the imaginary town of Caillouville, has been a real monument of cartoons around the world.

Fred, Wilma, Barney, Bettie, Bam-Bam, the faithful dinosaur Dino and many more: the cartoon The Flintstones Family is a true microcosm of hilarious and improbable prehistory, where it seems that everything – or almost everything – or as in our time, even if transposed with the means of the past. And, speaking of means, how to forget the famous car with which the characters of the cartoon were traveling? This same bottomless, foot-operated vehicle has now become a nice and perfect accessory for anyone who wants to have fun in a … prehistoric way. Are you ready to find out?


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If there are two things that immediately evoke the beach, the swimming pool and the summer, it is an inflatable boat or an inflatable mattress . These popular and timeless beach accessories are perfect for a few hours of lounging on the water, as well as for swimming and having fun. And they come in all shapes, types, and colors. Yet what we found on Amazon that we are talking about here is really very special. The reason? You’ve seen it: it’s shaped like the Flintstones car!


image credit: Amazon

Be honest: doesn’t that immediately make you want to jump on it and have some fun, maybe to the shout of Yabba Dabba Doo? If you answered yes, well: know that it really does exist and that it is produced by The Pool Elite, the company that listed it on Amazon . It’s called Bedrock Canopy Luxe , referring to the original name of the town of the Flintstones and its canopy shape. According to the manufacturer, it can comfortably accommodate two adults , with plush cushions and a steering wheel.


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The details are really neat: in addition to the typical colors of the prehistoric cartoon car, this incredible inflatable boat is equipped with a removable parasol with sun protection and even a special compartment to keep drinks cool. A significant detail, if we imagine the sun and the heat of the days when it will be used …


image credit: Amazon

Pool Elite also promises fast inflation times , which should be slightly less than 10 minutes, as well as “luxurious” finishes for an object suitable for all aquatic contexts. Relaxation, pleasure and practicality, therefore, at a price that is not really prehistoric: it costs around 160 euros, and therefore makes this mattress rather exclusive.


image credit: Amazon

What do you think? This is certainly not the real Flintstones car, but it will definitely be noticed at the beach, lake, pool, or wherever you want to show it off! Would you buy such an item?

source used: Amazon

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